DAM Trends – How will they affect Pre-Media? Part 2


The second part of my post looks at the trend of integration, taking the vanilla DAM solution and using your own applications, portals, or services to access the DAM for their assests.

The first thing to consider in any organization, and hugely overlooked is that apart from your customers assets (your bread & butter) you have a wealth of internal assets that can be better managed. These can range from corporate stationary to brand imagery. The problem in the past was that your ‘office’ environment and your creative studio’s there was a complete silo mentality with the skill sets divided. IT managed the TIN for the creatives and the whole solution for the ‘office’ deploying solutions that fitted the need of the silo’d users.

Now the DAM vendors are concentrating of providing solutions that bridge the gaps, ADAM has connectors for office applications and Sharepoint allowing a single respository for the companies assets.

But I wouldn’t be talking pre-media if I was talking office would I? Well actually I can, if the DAMs are closely intergrated into the business end of our company allowing the brief creators and to access live assets and place links into electronic briefs then we could or would see massive productivity savings from a different part of the business.

For our endusers, the operators, they need seemless integration into the desktop and application interfaces they use on a daily basis, these need to have all the security around them to ensure the end clients only see what they are allowed to see, and at the times they should need to see them (i.e. not when something is still work in progress)

DAM vendors need to open their systems out so that webservices, API’s and SDK’s are available to provide the level of integration that is needed.

Wouldn’t it be great to see your PDF in the MIS system you use and be able to perform actions on it without changing applications or interfaces!! And all working from the same data!

What does this mean for Pre-Media, well, better integration will allow for greater productivity as developers are able to make functionality available in places users need to perform it, that will mean doing more operations in the same time!

My conculsion to this will be on open source and how the big boys could have a run for their money when crowd sourcing proves to be more innovating than whats available commercially.

Author: Gary George

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