Colour Processing – Where is it going?


So we’re all familiar with the old problem of managing colour, well we should be so many people talk about it and claim to be experts (I only know two people that really do live and breathe it) well it looks something like this:
Where you have little control over the input channels as you have no idea who created them, whether the profiles attached are real or not, what process they have been seperated for and even if they have been provided to anyone as some sort of colour expectation…. So we attempt through our workflows to standardise to a set standard and reprocess the colour of the desired output channels.

Seems ok I guess? It’s been working for however long, but what is the future?
We know that our biggest problem is not the technology, even though technology is improving year on year with companies claiming to have developed the ultimate tool only to release something even better the following year, so software technology, workflow and hardware is the least of our problems. It boils down again to the human factor, how do we eductate people in subjects that they are not interested in, how do we get them to follow very very simple proceedures that we set out for them, how do we get them to beleive that we know what we are doing and that they need to follow we have laid down in those proceedures…. Why is the human factor such a problem!

Are we able to change the rules and rather than make it simple for the users to get wrong, we make it extremely hard and let them follow the path of least resistance and get it right? Sounds an outrageous idea, but we have tried easy, people seem to think we are insulting their intelligence with easy, so lets make it hard and get them to think for the money we pay them.

Or do we place even more colour processor workflows in and allow for a completely automated colour transformation where the final output is not the same as the viewed colour on the screens? Myself I think we will automate more to de-skill the workforce a little more in order to gain control over our colour expectations.

Author: Gary George

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