DAM Trends – How will they affect Pre-Media? Conclusion….


Yep so I waffled on a bit about what the DAM vendors will probably be focusing on based on a presenation at the New York DAM Symposium, what I didn’t really do is talk about how I see it affecting the pre-media companies solution offerings, well…. Those that want to stay ahead of the curve will be welcoming the exposure of the API’s that will provide them the ability to fully integrate their bespoke portals, this will allow them to build their own rich media interfaces that will improve the overall user experience for their clients.

We will also see the DAM’s moving the other way and into other applications that users spend their days in, we have already seen SharePoint integration from ADAM, and Signiant the popular file transfer system has integrated with Artesia and I’m sure MIS/ERP software companies will start seeing the benefits that they can leverage from the API and start creating connectors, and how about softproofing solutions, applications like ProofHQ and Dalim Diagloue could become even more powerful by integrating the DAM not the DAM integrating them. A wealth of posibilities to improve our world.

But there’s always a downside…. who actually does the upgrade and do the upgrades warrant the investment…. oh yes nothing comes for free…. You may get the upgrades/updates as part of your support/maintanance agreements, but the internal/external staff time involved in planning, documenting and testing can have a large dollar value, still Tunicca could always do the planning and documenting for you;)

One last thing that I’ve not seen to much about recently is Microsofts IMM (Interactive Media Manager) looking at the diagram below I would say it’s a DAM with a Microsoft fancy name, what do you think?


Author: Gary George

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