Are San Miguel meetings effective Pre-Media idea generators?


You know how it is when you’re a creative pre-media type, you always end up in a bar with someone or another whether it’s supplier, vendors or your staff and the beer starts flowing…. and flowing…. and flowing; then comes the beer mat moment when you and your company come up with the next industry busting idea, frantically you scribble it down on any scraps of paper (beer mat, fag packet, skin) inorder to remind yourself of the idea when you don’t have those beer goggles on.

But what happens to them, these seemingly brilliant and not forgetting clever ideas that you scribed on the only available parchment?

Did the idea have any legs, or was it the beer speaking on your behalf? And did your night end like his below?

beer_momentPhoto by Jim O’Connell

For all those beer moments I have had in my time, they have all been followed by bath moments…. when I’m completely hung-over laying in that hot bath the morning after with my brain trying to piece together that brilliant idea we had the night before knowing that the caveman scrawl on my skin; that can only be described as something that replicates that of a crazy person wanting to be close to their workings; is now smudged anyway and beer mats, well if you could fit these ideas on them then we wouldn’t be cutting down half the rain forest.

I for one have managed to take them to the next stage, but how many of them are lost in the drowned brain cells of the countless evenings?

We’d love to hear you experiences of how San Miguel robbed you from being the next big pre-media entrepreneur.

Author: Gary George

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