The meek vs the mighty in Pre-media



In today’s economic crisis there has become a tipping point where large organisations offering pre-media have become expensive to administer with the multiple levels of management. This has lead to managers fighting to find cost savings where they can in the organisation just to maintain their own positions. In turn this has lead to a drive to outsource the work to a third party just to maintain the margins as the customers want to pay less and less.

High Value Return

But do the small businesses have the upperhand here, with no VP’s, Senior VP’s, Genral Managers, Divisional Managers, Group Managers, etc etc to add to the wages bill are they able to provide not only a better service with less communication problems, but the best price. The mighty resource was once the power to win large volumes of business, when the pound is weak and the budgets are restricted, resource suddenly becomes an expense that customers are not willing to pay for. Once the customer wanted to chuck the work at you and let you deal with all their problems as their budget provided them the luxury, those days are over and the meek are able to provide the services at the budgets the customers have.

The day of the small business is upon us, with large organisations laying staff off at a similar speed to that of an evacutation of a sinking ship. Value is once again the key to winning and maintaining business and the calculation of value back with the customer.

Author: Gary George

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