Will 3D ever be baptised for Pre-media DAM systems?


Pre-media companies have been quickly developing ways to encompass more and more of their clients requirements yet are still being constrained by their display storage and presentation portals ability to enbrace all the media formats and functionality that is required. DAM companies work on the trends of the internet when developing new features that are required by their end users, thus we see a flurry of DAM’s getting a much needed upgrade the their ability to handle and process video.

But when will we be given the technology to store and view our 3D content and even automatically take our packaging files and wrap them correctly around the cad template. We have seen an attempt at this with EskoArtworks WebCenter product, but the results were well ok but they didn’t set your world alight. Other industries are using the underlying technology in Collada to power their 3D tools, industries such as Game Development, Digital Creation Tools, Hardware Vendors, CAD & Automation, Geographic Information Systems and 3D Web Applications. These have all adopted this as a way to interact with their 3D content. Yumetech has taken this technology to the web and built custom websites for 3D modelling, an example is http://www.shapeways.com/ where they have built ecommerce around the ability to create and view and even upload your own model to the site and order the item in real life.

Collada is an interchange format allowing all of the industry formats to be used including Maya, Adobe Photoshop 3D, Autodesk, XSI, Google, DAZ, Blender and many more.

Collada Model

Next Big Thing?

So will the next big change in out DAM world be in 3D modelling with the inclusion of tools that allow live previewing of our models next to all of our other digital assets, along with providing us with all the rich user experiences around those assets, annotating, approval, transcoding, snapshotting etc etc

Let’s hope so.

Author: Gary George

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