Rich Internet Applications and Pre-Media


So many companies I know build a way to communicate their pre-media operations to their clients and also use it as an internal workflow management tool between departments, yet how many of these are embracing the rich media content available to them using internet application such as Adobe Flash?

I’ve also seen a growing number of companies providing standalone ecommerce and internet sites leveraging on their asset store for those clients, again are they taking advantage of todays technologies?

When we talk about pre-media, it’s all very creative in what we think of, but underlying that is a truely complex set of workflows that string the supply chain together, communicating this is extremely difficult and depending on who your client contact is depends on what style of communication you need, is it a marketing person or an operations person, or even a retailer looking to get your clients assets for their own site; maybe a magazine company wanting product shots for an article they are doing.

All pretty complex forms of communication and a whole mixture of data that needs to be leveraged.

The recent introduction of the Morgan Stanley Matrix RIA is a demonstration that complex communication for both B2B & B2C can be combined into a very dynamic and engaging application providing  the ability to visually display complex data.


My thinking is that if it is possible to get the stocks and shares information and trade with the trading floor then creating a RIA pre-media application should be easy, oh I’m sure Morgan Stanley had a huge budget to play with, something most pre-media companies don’t have but I see that this is what the future needs to be.

Author: Gary George

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