Are IT departments fulfilling the needs of the modern pre-media production departments?


We all feel frustrated at times when our IT guys appear to be belligerent about what we are going to get, or when we will get it; do they not realise that the center of the universe is in your production department!

Well this is our thinking at the time when the reasons given by the IT guys don’t appear to match the over all business need, infact a lot of the time we relabel them as the business prevention department. But is the problem actually deeper than we think, we’re given excuses like ‘it wasn’t budgeted for’ or ‘bandwidth is expensive thats why I have limited the department’ and the one I love most is this one ‘ we have a group deal with (someone) can’t you have your equipment from them’ is this all a lack of understanding what the IT needs are in a pre-media production department?

When we look at the split of IT professionals and the pre-media world we see a definate split in the knowledge requirements and how conventional IT thinking can sometimes hinder the progression of new technology (software & hardware) in order to win new business.

Just how do we then get IT to understand pre-media production!

I have a couple of simple questions that I would like feedback on:

When a new IT person (at any level, even director) is bought into a pre-media organization, should they first spend a week in the operations and infrastructure departments to understand the daily usage of the equipment, software, network & web?

Should all IT people attend the same events that us pre-media folk do so they get a feel of how the technology fits into the business?

Should IT professionals be more open to others opinions?

Do the business objectives cascade through to IT in the same way as other departments? Or are they only bought in after the horse has bolted…..

Author: Gary George

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2 Responses to “Are IT departments fulfilling the needs of the modern pre-media production departments?”

  1. Rajesh Bhat Says:

    IT!!!!! the name itself is bothering – Incometax đŸ™‚

    IT in premedia industry is key. The reasons that IT departments give are very silly and we all know this will definetly prevent us from growing.
    This seems to be a common problem, in fact I have come across premedia companies struggling to convince the clients because of poor IT policies and structure.

    What could be the reason behind these failures? Why do we get excuses from IT guys? Can we put some thought on the reasons behind this?

    Well, the reason could be the IT guys are not exposed to the recent changes that are happening in the industry. Should the IT guys focus on the developments in IT field / premedia – the recent requirements of the industry.

    Its a good thought to make IT people attend the events that premedia people attend. Hopefully they will get a better understanding of the technology.

    I would ask, why not the premedia guys can be thought of IT as a part of their graduation courses / specialized courses so that premedia industry has its own IT guys who can understand the technology better and have better solutions.

  2. superdrupermegapuper54321 Says:


    Very usefull info. Thanks!…

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