Great technologies for free?


I make no secret of the fact that I love technology that compliments other technology, and where possible I will make it my mission to introduce people.

But in this post I want to focus on the stuff that we can get for free and how this affects us….

On this blog alone there are 4 software technologies in use for free that allow me to communicate with you. There is WordPress that provides me the ability to actually post, there is my profile on Linkedin a free business social network, Delicious provides a free service to better manage your bookmarks and share them and finally there is the great Who’s Amung Us widget that shows how many people are reading this post with online stats if you click the widget.

But how do these sites stay funded to continually bring new tools to us when they aren’t opensource operations? We see advertising on these sites, but I for one have never ever clicked on an online ad in fear of it being some sort of ploy to steal my personal information…. (and yes I have just recently had my bank account hacked which they told me was a trojan on my machine…. having run 2 virus software packages and 2 spyware package and came up with nothing so god knows how the bank thinks it was me!)

These are just a few examples, but there are seemingly thousands upon thousands of sites that cover everything you can think of, one I was shown today which I thought was a pretty neat idea for small timers looking for funding was  Kickstarter (thanks Mike)

Talking of Mike, I read a great review of the software company’s product that he is working for; the review at Inspiredology shows off what a great piece of softproofing software it is and the functionality it offers, and guess what, there’s a free plan so you can use it under some restricted conditions (well just a limited number of proofs, so great for one man bands) to find out if it fits your business before getting the full blown license….. Free must work for these guys as they are doing pretty well. Read the review here. ProofHQ Review 

All this free stuff allows us to communicate more effectively, but surely someone somewhere is paying for it…..

Author: Gary George

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