Tweet Tweet


It’s been going for around 3 years and the world is seemingly going crazy over Twitter!

Even the Master Chef presenter Gregg Wallace has found love through his tweets with a younger model….

So what’s it all about and how can it actually be useful when you are limited to 140 characters?

At a family barbecue this weekend I watched the young kids go in and out the house onto the computer to update their Twitter status, so I took the opportunity to ask what one of them used it for and what it was all about….

At 14 I thought I would get a reasonably sensible answer from her….. her reply:

It’s a way to stalk people!

Seems pretty strange then to me to let the whole world know what you are up to, so I searched the term Pre-media on there to see what I’d come up with….. not a great deal, although I am now a follower of Janine Simmons the US no1 digital solutions sales person for Agfa…. did I or have I found anything useful on her Twitter entries? Not really, I know she like Lobster rolls, but not very useful in the world of Pre-media.

So my question is what use is it to put your current status online for the world to see and what real purpose does it serve to professional people?

With these questions in mind, I have decided to give it a go and see if I can excel myself to a micro celebrity status by posting seemingly useless information about what I am doing. Stalk me if you please @tele2002 it won’t change your life but may provide you with a nano second of entertainment. 

Author: Gary George

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