A new typographical word processor!


There are so many application for word processing on the Mac that the list would go on for ever, depending on your specific needs you would eventually find what suits you.

But here is one that is new to the market that provides typographical control like that found in Quark & Indesign, infact, it may even be better since the application user interface has been designed with the users Right & Left sides of their brains in mind, therefore the controls are laid out depending on what part of our brain is accessing/processing the visual represenation. Thankgod no longer will I look at tonnes of small icons gently hovering over them to see what it does!

Such a great idea, I’ll have to spend some time playing and see if it is more operable than other applications!

But what else is so special about this application, well for a start the price, as word processors go it isn’t half bad, also the fact that it works with PDF as it’s internal format, so you can supply the file to others without the need to convert/export/save-as. Now that is a plus point…. Although I will have one question for the developers that I’ll email over, what happens when someone places annotations on the PDF and sends it back?

 Anyway take a look at it for yourself. http://pagehand.com/

Author: Gary George

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