Amazing and simple!


Ever wanted to create a timeline?

Well today I stumbled on this lovely site while looking for a history track of events. So I created myself a free account and gave it a whirl….. First thing I found really handy was the interface, the ability to add my own dates, pictures and subjects means I could plot the history of anything and display it in a nice way on my site. Take a look at the webmedia timeline as an example.
But more impressive was the ability to import your social media timeline from various applications such as wordpress and twitter, take a look at my quick example, is took about two minutes to get this!

You could even use it to track news posts that are on a RSS feed, and all for free, well until you want more topics, space etc etc but even the update to the next level is only $4.95 a month….. what a bargain!

Author: Gary George

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