What the heck is Pre-Media?


We’ve all heard of companies claiming  to be pre-media businesses, infact most really are; since pre-media is the evolution of pre-press, but actually we are still in a transitional phase where companies are struggling with the concept of pre-media and what they need to provide. Lets take a quick peek at why.

Over the last century or two the world of graphic arts and print met with the most disruptive force ever, the internet. Printing once the only visual medium for a person to interact with, has now been transformed in it’s marketing reach by the internet that offers an endless visual array of content (visual matter) that could come from any source any where in the world. Naturally this had a massive impact on the pre-press & print world forcing companies to rethink their business models.

Were any markets safe from this change, well not really, as peoples needs changed, so did the need to change the way the message was delivered, pre-press companies toyed with multimedia when computers started having CD/DVD players as standard and the cost of the consumer units dropped to the mass market price bracket; they then entered into new media where they communciated messages via web portals forcing people to use the services they had on offer and delivering the customers message out to the online users.

But was was the real and most disruptive force that has made pre-press houses to rethink…… the crowd, yes the masses that are able to access the world wide web with zero limitations, the ability to self publish, to target audiences and do it with itelligence. Some would say this has been happening for years in the Direct Marketing Material arena, and to a degree it has, but companies need to specialise in it and buy the subscription lists, or generate then from consumer purchasing data. Now it’s all there online for the taking.

Now customers, brand owners, marketeers and us the public want and demand that we receive our content in the format that suits us and at a time we chose. Born is the era of pre-media business, the companies that once produced printed materials are now able to take a design/marketing concept and manufacture it for the desired final output channel, be this a single channel or a complete blended media campaign that utilizes every form of communication channel, a pre-media business needs to have the resources and know how to provide those services.

Dhananjay Balodi of Intermedia Global offer this evolution snapshot in his recently published paper The Transformed Graphics Supply Chain – Where Next For Indian Pre-press?

Pre-press Evolution

Tunicca produced a simple one pager that defines what pre-media is and some of the processes that are involved regardless of the output channel.

View this document on Scribd

You can rest assured that over the coming months more and more companies with transition themselves as pre-media companies and more consultants will rebrand themselves to cover this topic.

Author: Gary George


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