Illustrator Ahoy!


Today I’m going to briefly speak about 2 little applications out there for you Illustrator users. I’m sure these have been blogged, reviewed and discussed over and over again as it’s pretty rare to see applications that help us, the average user, in working with these Illustrator files and their associated links.


So lets first look at Sneakpeekpro, an OSX finder extension that allows you to use the QuickLook feature built into the finder to optain a little more information and a preview of the Illustrator, Indesign, EPS and Freehand file formats, a pretty useful tool for see what fonts or linked images the file uses. But in a large production environment the volume licensing better be good because at $19.95 a license it would soon add up!


Art Files

So the second one and a lok more useful if you ask me, especially if you don’t have Markzware FlightCheck Professional and you use a lot of Illustrator files, is this little beauty Art Files. Simple and easy to use, it’s a way of collecting all of the associated files in your Illustrator files and package them up, this includes fonts – screen & printer! So really the collect for output the Illustrator should have always had.

What’s pretty neat though is the ability to drop multiple files on on the application recognise duplicates, not tested myself, but I hope it’s just not based on names as we could be in real trouble with the state of some of our production volumes!

At $49.95 it’s a hefty price to pay, but the savings in a busy Illustrator studio would well justify the cost.


Let me at them

You can get these and a few other really useful tools at

Be sure to check out the multi-buys for the savings!

Author: Gary George

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