Social Marketing – When is it right for you


So like most of you just skimming around on the web looking for completely useless babble by people like me, you do actually stumble upon something that is pretty useful, or, well at least interesting to read. Below is an extract from one such article that I came across today by Bill Balderaz on The Buzz Saw blog site, he outlines some points that social media really won’t do for you in the grand scheme of things. Some great advice that I will follow when we are trying to extract money from you all 🙂

  1. Social media can’t get people excited about a bad product.  No matter how much money you put into social media, eight track players can’t outsell iPods. If the market doesn’t believe in your product, or your clients’ products, don’t think social media will make it better.
  2. Social media can’t make people spend money. Yes, you can use social media to get people coming to your paint store. You can target highly qualified consumers with disposable income who want to paint their houses. You can communicate the virtues of the high quality paint in your store. But once a consumer is in the store, especially during a recession, they still may buy the cheap stuff.
  3. Social media can’t create a new market. Okay, it created a market for social media consultants-but other than that, forget it. There are only two rules in fishing- the first is “you can’t catch fish where there aren’t fish.” The same applies to marketing. Products that don’t solve a problem or provide real value aren’t going to sell, no matter how many fans there are on their Facebook page.

Read Bill’s full post here.

Author: Gary George

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