Who’s protecting your brand assets?


We’ve all seen them, a tonne of company portals all trying to offer something that differentiates their business value proposition from the next company… And there is a mass of DAM experts out there that are only too willing to provide companies with te framework to build on in any language that suits their needs…..

But what about protecting these assets?

I guess you are thinking right now….protecting? what you on about? we have SSL, Certificates, Firewalls, Early Warning Dection Systems, 24/7 Stop & Search of employees etc etc (ok I’m going over the top, but I think you get my drift, you protect your portals from hackers and have proceedures in place for employees leaving – lol well your customers hope you have it!)

So what is it I’m talking about? Let’s use 3 examples to illustrate where brand assets can be missed used and I think you will get the picture.


The first one, something close to all of our hearts and our pockets is our bank accounts or namely our online access to them. Not a day goes by where my spam catcher intercepts a request to update my personal details. Have you ever clicked the link? Well I have and you know what, it is the banks site assets and all just on a different URL, I’m sure there are statisics out there that state the number of people that actually provide their details. The assets are normally relatively easy to copy, but why copy when you can just take freely!


Ever been walking through a market and there’s a stall holder selling branded products at what appears to be unbelievable pricesses, well did you really think they were real? There’s a massive trade for replica products that are branded as the real thing, labels, bottles but unfortunately not product, sold at a fraction of the price of the real deal.


Yep, you know what I’m talking about…. back in the 80’s the market stall’s well sell cassette copies of the latest music, this then extended to CD as cassettes were phased out, at the same time VHS was being copied and distributed in high volume, then the law clamped down and finding these copies became hard to obtain. So as DVD became widely available and the price of a player became cheaper that buying a copy of your favourite film, the DVD piracy hit the streets. I still see the now smartly dress asian wondering around outside my local selling these DVD’s at less than the price of a pint…. But what is more amazing is that the sleeves they provide with the copies is as good as perfect.

See the problem yet?

The 3 examples display just how brand assets appear to be escaping out into the world via some sort of source, so are you able to protect your brand assets and track them the way you want?

If you have examples of where your brand portal protects your assets or your customer’s assets outside of the actual portal then please comment and share your experiences with the community.

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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