The heat is killing me…. Lets hope CMS Watch doesn’t!


Here I am in Mayfair sitting outside  St James park in Pret  which is suprisingly difficult since it is also just across the street to Fakhreldin, a classy Mayfair nightclub where the girls are working day and night, but today they are taking any oppertunity to come out and enjoy the sun….. why’s it difficult I hear you scream, well trying to concentrate when you have had little sleep and these young ladies, some looking like they are only just school leavings are wondering around with next to nothing on! See my problem now! Tragic I know, but I’m working and need to concentrate!

Anyway, just catching up on some correspondence before meeting with Theresa Regli of CMS Watch, a meeting that I’ve been looking forward to for sometime, a face to face with a lady that has the power to define how we measure our DAM systems and CRM systems….. Do I know what I want to say….. hell no, I’ll make it up as I go, but one thing is for sure I won’t be holding back on my questions, why would I?

People that know me understand that I am happy to ask the questions others are afraid to ask, a bit of a David Frost if you like, but heck we’re only human, anyway questions that people don’t want to answer surely means there’s a level of dishonesty about them? Right?

Anyway I doubt I will have anything important to report back as it’s a meet and greet for the first time, so will be very nice to expand our network!

Author: Gary George

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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