A fine example of a new output channel for pre-media


Talking of stumbling across things, I found this create site called Hobnox that seems to be a community sharing site that has the following features:

  • A personal Blog
  • A place to upload your media files
  • Manage a playlist
  • Manage a calendar
  • And the most important invite your friends from the community

The site is available in both German & English and has a very neat dashboard view to manage all your stuff….

Hobnox Dashboard

Hobnox Dashboard

What what I was most impressed with was their Audio Tool that provides a virtual studio and recording capabilities to create your own tunes, these tunes can then be saved and shared with the comunity….. It kept me amused for hours!

Depending on your taste you have 3 options for the type of music you want to produce, Tone Matric, Drum’N’bass and Electro, but this doesn’t limit you, they are just pre-configured studios to get you started, once in you can add and remove your tools…..


So where does pre-media come into it, well with the ability to self publish your own music you are able to design and upload your own artwork….. these are already output channels that Hobnox distributes for you, connect some production on the back of that (in the Iphoto photo album printing style) and you could actually have a CD on the shelves of Amazon!

Take a look and have a play, and remember to add me to your friends if you sign-up for an account. Tele2002

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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