It’s Hot at Vyre


maldivesAs a busy director of the best  independent, international Business Process Analysis company in the fine field of Pre-media, I am struggling to contribute more than one article per week to this rapidly expanding blog. I would dearly love to be able to provide more material (sorry Gary) but business is business, right? As Tunicca grows, so the demands on time and resources grow with it.

However, I did escape from the daily duty of sales visits, proposals, invoicing and managing cashflow to pay a visit to the Vyre seminar in London today. First of all I should point out that as a resident of London it was nice to travel into the capital in slightly cooler weather. Anyone who read a previous blog will know that travelling on our fine city’s rail system can frequently be a challenging experience, but especially so in a warm summer!

At the end of my short journey into East London I wandered into the welcoming confines of the Beach Blanket Babylon in Bethnal Green Road. The Vyre team and their guests ran us though a number of informative presentations. First was a good friend of our Frans Riemersma of MRMLogiq who took us through the measurement and promotion of marketing performance and efficiencies and it struck me that some of the marketing departments in my previous ‘lives’ could have done with Frans’ guidance and advice.

Virgin Holidays then extolled the virtues of Vyre’s Unify which kind of summed up our world of Pre-media by demonstrating the system that manages their multi-channel output (including good old print I hasten to add). As you would expect from a presentation from anyone in the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson made the obligatory appearance popping up in one slide holding a little model of his Virgin Galactic Space Craft thingy – the stellar cruise ship in which he plans to take rich tourists into space. I think that it must be company policy to show the ginger one in anything that is public facing – he is of course 90% of the Virgin brand!

All of these presentations were held in the steamily warm art gallery above the Beach Blanket Babylon and, despite a very large fan, the lack air conditioning was telling. And I guess that is another problem with London – when we get hot weather we just don’t know how to handle it, so we just decide to sweat it through until the rain comes to cool us down! However, despite the heat, the Vyre session was very informative and an excellent networking opportunity.

It struck me as I sat and watched the Virgin Holiday presentation, showing mock ups of sandy beaches in the Seychelles and crystal waters of the Maldives, that my next holiday is some way off. As we strive to get Tunicca established as a brand and as the leading suppliers of knowledge to the Pre-media industry it is really a 7-day a week activity right now – great fun but very time consuming.

Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Sir Richard’s book and grow a goatee beard and start indulging in outrageous pubilcity stunts. Then again, maybe not!

Author: Sean Runchman

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