Protect your assets! Redundant Archive Solution.


Anyone heard of the Object Matrix? No? neither had I, I was introduced to them and had to take a little look at what was on offer from these guys and was surprised to know that they have been around for some 6 years plus have some ex-EMC staff on their payroll.

So the company offers The MatrixStore a pretty decent play & play appliance that is based on off the shelf hardware and software, the system comes with a minimum of 3 nodes to offer you the security that your assets need. (Something so many clients are now demanding as part of their SLA’s with you.)


The focus is really on redundancy of your solution to ensure 99.9999% availability of your assets, and using non proprietity equipment to ensure you are not left holding a dead solution in the future, a real plus point in these tough economic times.

With this solution you are getting into true enterprise levels of pricing along with the protection you deserve at that level, I used the configurator to protect 2pb of assets and came back with a suprisingly low figure, I remember the cost of a Centera system 6 years ago for 12tb being something similar.

One thing I noticed was their marketing appeared to focused on the video production rather than the overall pre-media market, but that’s ok as after talking to Nicholas Pearce the Sales & Marketing Director at Object Matrix about how their product actually fits into any of the output channels Pre-media he agreed that the site needed updating a little to deliver a more open message and that they have many customers already using the appliance solution to manage their creative pre-media needs.

Got old equipment?

But for those of you out there that have Xserves & Xraids (or Promise raids are also supported) that have pulled them off your SAN and now want to repurpose them, then they offer an OSX software version that is free for upto 15tb.


So what’s different about MatrixStore to just any old storage solution? Well having managed many terrabytes myself over the years, the main focus of the product is protection of your assets in clustered nodes, (reminds me of using the plexing software on Silicon Graphics systems to mirror the assets across our SAN), this is done by placing a copy of the assets on multiple independant nodes to save you from any complete hardware failure…. neat….

But being a software solution placed ontop of Apple hardware the cost of protection soon adds up with the cost per terrabyte licensing model and makes it really only viable option if you have plenty of hardware requiring repurposing rather than placing in the bin. This is eased with the first 15tb being free.

So if you are serious about protecting your assets in a long term archive and want something more that just a SAN, whether you want to repurpose old Apple hardware or build a new archive from their appliance solution then you should speak to these guys and fully evaluate their solutions.

Author: Gary George

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