What’s Adobe upto now?


A week doesn’t go by with out the all powerful Adobe releasing or announcing some sort of new product or service, thats without all the technologies they have acquired over the last year being offered one way or another…. Scene7 anyone?

But right now I’m going to quickly introduce you to the new beta that has been added to the Acrobat.com suite, what didn’t see it when you went there? No?

Well some of you will know about the Adobe labs where people who are interested in seeing what they are working on get their first glimpse of their public offerings, now this shouldn’t be confused with the beta programs that they run as you would need to speak to an Adobe representitive to get on one of those…. but the stuff that they are proud to put to public beta, lets face it by offering to everyone they will probably get some decent feedback.

So what’s this new thing I’m talking about? Well for those of your who recently saw the Acrobat.com’s Presentations they have also now added Tables, spreadsheets online….. emm hasn’t someone else already done this? YES! Is Adobe now trying to replicate Googles successful market by providing the same tools all based around their PDF output stream?

So I took Tables for a quick spin, the first thing that impresses me is the clean interface that follows the Acrobat.com grayscale feel, it makes everything very crisp to the eye. The ability to add new row’s and columns at the click of a button makes the display uncluttered. Excellent move there…. never did like that in Excel!


There is also simple help documentation that includes details for the formulas and functions on offer to the users, along with some quick step basics videos for those who just want to get up and running.

All in all I think it will be a nice addition to the Acrobat.com family, but I have to ask where is Adobe going with all this?

Also with the news of Adobe closing it’s North American operation for another week this month after their quarterly earnings were down, those revenues were down 21% as companies stopped to think about upgrading to the latest version CS4, the Creative suites generate around  60% of Adobe’s sales.

People in the UK, of course, may have a better reason than any for pausing, as the – an increase that was announced ­earlier in June but that is still not ­documented on the company’s UK website. That has pushed the disparity between the pricing of CS4 in the UK and US to 39.7%. The Guardian

With these revenues being so down, can we see CS5 being as feature rich we have seen previously and will they fix the installer woes we suffered in CS3 & CS4? Good question!

So keep you eye on this CS5 blog http://cs5.org/?p=124 for news of what’s coming.

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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