Xinet enhance video features in v16 of Webnative


Well it’s not the sort of thing I come across on a Saturday morning, so just before I tuck into my bacon muffin I thought I’d share this with you, I’ve just read a blog from Brian Dolan of the US Integrator NAPC on the new version of Webnative that is currently in beta and given that it is at release 2 I would say it isn’t far off.

Anyway, they have put a lot of work into the video area, even giving the interface a whole web 2.0 makeover, but since I haven’t actually played with it myself I suggest you read Brian’s blog posting here… New Video featues in Xinet v16

Let’s hope that Xinet have given the whole Webnative interface the makeover and that the under the bonnet enhancements bring the DAM offering up to the standards that are available today…..

With Xinet’s enormous user install base, the user are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for something special to come along, although Webnative Portal improved how usesr could skin the interface and added some much needed security it didn’t really get peoples hearts racing.

Have Xinet done enough?

I’ll look forward to seeing the full feature list.

Author: Gary George

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