A cost cut too far…..


As the world is holding it’s breath in hope that we aren’t all turfed out on the street by the banks or that our taxes don’t increase so much to cover the cost of them doing so, one company is working on plans to help save us a tonne of money on travelling short distances.

With today’s news that Ryan Air boss Michael O’Leary plan’s to ditch a number of seats on his short hop flights and allow people to stand for free (well I guess it won’t be completely free as I’m sure there will still be taxes)

“Why is this any different to what happens on trains where you see thousands of people who cannot get a seat standing in the aisles, and it happens regularly on the Underground,” O’Leary said

I have to agree, in fact I’m sure youStanding Room Only! wouldn’t be a caged hen on his flights like we are on our rail & tube system, and the planes are temperature regulated rather than having the heating on in the middle summer because the driver didn’t get his pay rise like the rest of us workers!

Ryan Air

This will be a breath of fresh air for the pre-media companies that have offices all over Europe and need to send staff too and from, they will now at least be able to lift any travel restrictions that have been levied by the bean counters, well that is if Health and Safety will allow it. I can hear the HR departments speedily typing away updating their travel policies in preparation for Ryan Air to get approval by the Irish Aviation authority.

Well maybe Michael will think about selling his 2010 calendar next year to add to the company profits rather than donate to charity check it out here: Ryan Air 2009 Calendar either that or tell us what flights these lovely ladies are on as I’ve never seen them!

But in all seriousness is this just cutting costs too much to drive more traffic to you? When British Airways is in trouble because they are only getting their flights 79.6% full is standing the only place left to go?

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


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