My new arrival!


Well I have to say, being the very prepared and organized person I am I’d written this annoucement in advance so I didn’t have to spend any time writing once she had arrived and just fill in the blanks sort of thing, but after having a 48 hour rollercoaster ride, I felt that I had to remove all the comedy about our perfect pregnancy and (what I thought we were going to have) perfect birth as ours turned into a long and tiring process. But all is well and  I have to say I sobbed like a baby as I held my new born little girl in my arms.

So rather than texting you all or calling all the people I know out there, I’m so proud to welcome you all to my beautiful new little baby girl Tilly Freya George born at 3.09pm on Friday July 10th : at 8lb 1oz both mother and baby are doing well and coming home tomorrow.

Tilly Freya

Just minutes after birth in theatre

I know that everyone loves a horror story about the 36 hours of labour or the rush to hospital, and unfortunately I have one…. a long one, a little to gory for a blog so message me if your into a bit of gore, blood, fluids and poo….

So unfortunately I won’t be as frequent with my posts for the next week as we get acquainted with our beautiful little one, but I’m sure you won’t miss me too much.

(oh and I wasn’t kidding about donations to her trust fund, I just checked and they are losing around 37% at the moment! God help us!)

And yes she will be spoiled!

Proud new father: Gary George

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10 Responses to “My new arrival!”

  1. Mark Kleiter Says:


    Absolute brilliant. The delivery of the baby by your misses is done well. We wish Tilla Freya all the best in her new life on this planet and yes I know that dads will spoil ‘his’ girl. I experience that stupid behavior with myself in the last 15 years with my daughters and will continue to do that in the next decades.

  2. Koen Bogaert Says:


    Congratulations from the ADAM team with your beautiful girl and we’ll keep the horror stories for the next time we meet with a Duvel beer!


  3. Darrin Crawford Says:

    Hi Gary

    I see Congratulations are in order! well done fella long time no see, spoke to Mark today good to catch up,

    Good luck mate


  4. Steve Emerson Says:

    Well done fella. Absolutely delighted for you all. Look forward to the head wetting!


  5. Nicole Davies Says:

    Congratulations on your entry past the gates of “Parenthood”!! Absoultely thrilled for you both. I am sure you will enjoy this exciting part of your life…..and yes, I can imagine she will be the most spoilt little girl in the UK.

    I fear not on all the routines over the coming years, I am sure you have them streamlined to gain the greatest efficiencies 🙂

    Thinking of you at this special time


  6. Mike Holt Says:

    Congratulations, enjoy!



  7. tele2002 Says:

    Thanks everyone for the responses, I am now officially tired, nothing like I have every felt before, but when I look at my little princess it is all worth it.


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