KPMRS hits a home run….


Fresh from a nappy change and here I am back in the saddle to give you a quick update on something I have found extremely useful to getting our own SEO done and knowing that our efforts are working….. even if you pay a pro for SEO services; this tool provides you the ability to track whether your money has been well spent.

What’s more it’s free! Lets hope they add some pro-tools on here to help you dig deeper, I know I would pay a small fee to have tools that actually work in one place!.

So the first thing they have added is some explanations for what each tool will do, this will help those of us out there that don’t really understand relevance these parts play in the grand scheme of things. Speaking with the creator of the site, I’ve expressed the need for even more information on what the actual results mean; i.e. if your google ranking is 15 what does it really mean to your site.

Social Activity

The next great tool is the social activity, this feature displays your sites popularity on the most popular social sites, all this social activity boosts your sites Alexa ranking. I’d love to see the ability to configure the social activity sites that are relevant to you, but I know that it takes time and not all sites have API’s to allow the results to be gathered.

Social ActivityWidgets

So, wow, widgets, So many people want to tell the world how well your site is doing, and these widgets let you do just that, I love the way it tracks the way your ranking once you are in the top 100 of the 3 main search engines.

Ranking GraphFacebook?

Well this one is good and also odd, I guess for the millions of you out there with a facebook page and your own website will find this a great feature allowing you to display your rankings there without any grief, but really for me I’d again like to see it link into the more business orientated sites like Linkedin and maybe even be able to push a Tweet onto your Twitter account.

So if you have a site and want to keep track of how well it is performing for you, this this free tool is a great way to do that. And remember that other people are changing their sites constantly so don’t think that because you are number one this week you will be in the same position next week, or even tomorrow!

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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