Who the Heck are You?


tunnica_logo_no_tag_lineOK, so we don’t get asked the question in such basic terms, but we are often asked; “Who are Tunicca?”, “What is Tunicca?”, “What does Tunicca do?”, “What can Tunicca do for us?” etc.

So I think that it is about time that I gave you some background on the leading Businsess Process Analysts in the field of Pre-media. The company was formed by two industry professionals from each side of the Pre-media fence. One from a global technology vendor and the other a technology consumer within a significant global Pre-media player. A supplier and a customer if you will – already an interesting combination. Both had become disillusioned with their respective ‘lots’ at the companies that they were in and decided it was time to go off and see if they could do things their own way. And so Tunicca was born.

It seems like every day we hear and read stories about how expertise is leaving the industry that we love and that new blood is not being recruited to replace it. The prediction is that there will be a shortfall of skills and that this will become even more critical in years to come – so the idea that Tunicca’s founders have is to hold on to the best of those talents and sell that increasingly sought after skill and expertise back into the industry.

As we know, the area of Pre-media is complex with many input channels and an increasing number of output channels with input coming from the publishers, brand owners, retailers, etc. In between input and output there is a mass of digital plumbing that facilitates the delivery of the final message; whether that be a magazine, newspaper, piece of packaging, signage, advert, etc. And now of course modern marcom trends denote that Pre-media has to accommodate delivery of the message to social networking via the web and mobile communications as customers look for more cost effective and targeted media delivery.iStock_000008589013Medium

This is the rich and diverse playground that Tunicca operates in. Our expertise spans not only the “digital plumbing of Pre-media”, but also up stream in those input channels and downstream in those final delivery channels. This is important becasue we need to approach our customers with complete supply chain knowledge and not just small elements of it. That is vital when we are assist our customers in finding business solutions as they invariably need to look outside their own operations to work out how to deliver in better ways for their customers!

So what exactly do we do? Well essentially Tunicca helps the operations in this arena to save money and increase their profit through the utilisation of Pre-media technology and best practise implementation of that technology. We are in a business advisory service and present ourselves as the Business Process Analysts for the Pre-media industry.


Everything that we do for our customers is based around the construction of business process maps and before we assist any customer we insist that their entire business is mapped in the Tunicca way. Only then can we start to look at ways to improve the business and it is amazing how revealing a set of process maps can be for an organisation. This is the foundation for any project with a customer and such projects can include the following:

Business Transformation ProgramsEuroCropped

Investigation & Development of Business Opportunities

Efficiency & Automation Projects

Pursuit of Best Practise Operations

Market Research Projects

Technology Purchasing Strategies

Increasing Pre-media Asset Utilisation

Also, did I mention that we are international and so we’re able to help our large customers with their multinational challenges?  In addition Tunicca is entirely independent and won’t attempt to persuade (or sell) you a specific vendor or technology – we don’t do the shady ‘cash in a brown envelope’ commission payment thing! We pride ourselves on our impartiality.

OK, so I hope that I have told you a bit more about Tunicca. If you want to know more you can visit us here. We hope that you continue to visit and enjoy our blog and feel free to call by our Lounge and join the debate. Oh and please look out for TuniccaTV – coming soon to a screen in your office with Pre-media news and interviews!

Author: Sean Runchman

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