Salary Trends – benchmarking!


A distant memory to me now, but I once was destined for a job in Jacksonville Illinois, something back then that would have suited me down to the ground, but then I guess had I moved I wouldn’t have the little princess that I have now and the beautiful lady I am with.
Looking now at something that is a little closer to home, although I will use the US figures to illustrate my point here, that is benchmarking….

Benchmarking is what HR departments us to pigeon hole you into a salary bracket in order to make the pay scales ‘fair’ in reality they are never ‘fair’ as HR departments are also tasked with keeping the salary bills down so they will always stick you into the low end and possibly manufacture the benchmarks away… (Sorry HR people but when I have asked for the benchmarking sources in the past I’ve been met with some pretty red faces!)

So using the US trend website Indeed I did a quick comparison on 4 job title keywords that could be in your job titles today. The results, well pretty interesting I have to say, and you have to be aware of what your job title is as when working with big organisations this job title could place you in a completely different league…. Do some research yourself!

Unfortunately I could only find IT benchmark tables for the UK unless I wanted to pay for site access to any of the googled site results. But feel free to share one if you know somewhere

Salary Trend

Author: Gary George

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