Dutchsoftware.com set to pre-release V2 of its Adobe Air client based DAM Solution Elvis



Some of you may have seen the very cool Elvis DAM solution available from the guys over at DutchSoftware.com, so it will be refreshing news to hear that they are currently gearing up for a new release and the feature list was so vast that they have decided to make a full product release rather than just the usual dot release.

The pre-release of version 2.0 should be available in the next few weeks, so make sure you get in contact with them to arrange a demonstration of this powerful DAM system. Remember some of the key facts about the Elvis solution that makes it stand out from the croud are:

  • scalable, open architecture
  • view video, images, office docs, pdf, xml – Heavy multimedia
  • high performance search engine
  • intuitive interface
  • intelligent collaboration
  • desktop integration

Elvis with their innovative Adobe Air interface makes integration into your design/creative/pre-media workflow environment extremely inviting for any creative team.

Elvis Air Interface

Elvis Air Interface

Added to the updates, the DutchSoftware.com guys are also on the verge of launching a SAAS service called the ElvisCloud, you can signup to be notified of when the service becomes available here. We look forward to seeing this service in action and the cost structure they apply to it.

Here is the detailed feature schema for the version 2.0 release (the final release may not contain all of the listed features here, but we hope it will):


  • Search, Browse and collection detail tabs are now merged

Selection & workflow support

  • Ratings
  • Configurable statuses for assets
  • Flagging of assets & Collections – Configurable. Visual recognition of metadata values (rights, status, in use etc)

Viewing & previewing

  • Improved XML and NewsML thumbnail (list) views – Metadata can display source, headline, byline etc
  • NewsML previews in HTML added
  • InCopy previews added
  • InDesign previews added
  • Support for PLUS rights metadata standard


  • Profile/UI perspectives – User / Usergroup based
  • Show collection icons in folder structure
  • Drag & drop files directly into collections


  • Embed metadata back into files
  • New metadata panel – batch metadata editing in thumbnail view


  • Redesigned import interface – Easy step-by-step process
  • Add files directly to (new or active) collections when importing


  • Move folders through folder structure
  • Temporarily extend permissions on on content when sharing a collection
  • New metadata panel – Switch & Zoom between Metadata, Collections and Linked items panel in results view
  • Tagging suggestions based on index


  • Open received collection in AIR client
  • Active collections are automatically updated when assets are added by user or other users (Broadcasting)
  • Temporarily extend permissions on on content when sharing a collection through email


  • Improved support for InDesign files – read links to other elvis assets from InDesign (images placed etc.)
  • Improved support for special characters


  • Server status page added

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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