4 Phases of Employment by Pratap Singh


I had to share this one with you, I think there are more than 4 stages, but take a read and see what you think!

1) The Hope Phase: The employee joins work with the hope that the new organization will provide better work, respect and culture. The expectations are most often a function of what the person didn’t get in his earlier employment and of what he or she was promised in the interview. The organization is also hopeful that the employee will live up to his potential.

Both parties try to be at their respective best to extend the “hope phase” and ensure that the arrangement succeeds.

2) The Realization Phase: This is possibly the most difficult phase for the employee and the employer. The posturing of the “hope phase” is over by now. In this phase, the employee and employer see themselves for what the other really is and evaluate each other to better understand if they made the right decisions.

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Author of this page: Gary George

Author of the original blog: Pratap Singh

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