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I had the pleasure of arranging a meeting this week with a fellow industry expert Peter van Teeseling who introduced me to the excellent services of Tungle
Tungle is not just another one of those online scheduling systems, this one actually works! The nifty online interface enables you to connect with the essential online social and business tools including Facebook and Linkedin, but the biggest advantage is that they have built native application synchronization for the main Mac & PC mail clients, and you know what….. it works exceptionally well! The web interface is well designed and intuitive for any user to use…. Yes even those who have struggled to adjust to the online world and still thumble with their Blackberries will be able to get on!

I know you say “why are you so surprised”, well, for a start, at the moment the service is free….. yes FREE!!! So given the free status of the application and the lovely personal email to the CEO Marc Gingras, I had to mail him back with some questions about how Tingle came about and how they can sustain a free business model.

So for all of us in the pre-media industry that have struggled with mixed calender invitations and absolutely no way of sharing your availability with people that want to book your time (well come on, PA’s are so yesterday and the PA’s for the senior management no longer will even entertain doing anything for anyone else) Tungle could be right up your street.

Below are the questions I asked with Marc’s answers, I’ve removed the actual amount of investment as I’m not to sure that you all need to know that!

1. How long did it take to go from concept to release?

the company was incorporated in 2006 with the idea to solve the scheduling problem for busy professionals. We have gone through several iteration – to get it right. Our Calendar Accelerator service was released in April 2009

2. I notice that there is no premium service available, and no advertising (great for us users) how do you maintain the site costs?

In the Fall of 09 – when the financial crisis began – we raised a [a large sum of money] round of funding. With this money in the bank, our focus in 2009 has been, and remains to make Tungle as addictive and pervasive as possible. In 2010, we will be releasing some premium features. What is free today will remain free.

3. Given the service is free, how did you manage to get the site up, running and marketed?

We are a VC backed company – our investors are Tier 1 VCs – Commonwealth VC (based in Boston), JLA Ventures (also managers of the BlackBerry fund), and Desjardins Venture Capital (the main bank in Quebec).

4. What plans do you have for the future?

Our focus is the become the defacto calendar accelerator for all busy professionals – when people will think about scheduling a meeting – they will think Tungle

I love this service and have started using it (hence the new clickable link below) So take a look, have a play, you have nothing to lose since it’s free and I’m sure you will find it useful!

Thanks to Marc Gingras, the CEO of Tungle for answering the questions and allowing me to publish them, we look forward to seeing what the premium services will have to offer next year.

Author: Gary George

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