When Aggregation Goes Horribly Wrong!


Being busy really does make posting hard, especially when you have an 11 week old baby and a slight bit of sleep deprivation – but you soldier on. Today I’m going to give you a very short post based on Sean’s post here. In fact I’ll cover another item while I am here on how the simple inclusion of a popular search topic drives the wrong type of visitors to your site.

Let’s first look at a small problem we have experienced with generating blogs that would spill out to any type of content aggregation when the correct filters are not applied. So what happened here, well with Sean’s post we have had a number of ping backs from Camping sites that have homed in on the word Tents and although the content of his post did include references about putting up tents and his experiences of helping others do it, it had no real relevance to camping or tent erection at all – it was in fact all about pre-media!



So can automated content aggregation really work? All the campers who stumbledupon the post would have read it and thought what the heck do we have here and why has my camping blog site linked to it…. well that would be because their not a human at work, but some human algorithms put together to hunt down content that ‘could’ be relevant! Wrong… Very Wrong!

Which leads me onto my next content issues. We also used a popular athletes name in a post in the last week – ‘Usain Bolt’ – a simple reference to a famous athlete, with absolutely no reference to athletics at all has managed to draw a lot of traffic from people searching for his name… Now I’m not complaining and maybe I should use some of these popular search terms in all my posts to attract visitors that would not usually be looking for pre-media blogs; So what if I include Sophie Anderton, London Fashion Week or Sarah Harding, all classed as Yahoo’s most popular search terms today. Would that attract streams of traffic to this blog? And is that right if it does?

Well, clearly not as what is most important to us is that we want our readers to be return visitors, to obtain value from our postings and feel like they can contribute to our community. I hope really that you reading this takes the time to look back at our archives and find some great content that you can share!

Quick update while we’re on the subject, while checking our Lead411 today I noticed that it was stating that Pfizer was acquired by Google…. Was this some secret deal that we all missed in the news or is this another fine example to getting aggregated content wrong since I think it related to this article! Google Acquires, Pfizer Hurts and Retail is Cynical

Author: Gary George

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