Pre-media Arrives on Wikipedia


OK so we finally got around to adding an entry into Wikipedia for the term Pre-media; amazing that it wasn’t there in the first place since just about every other term relating to our industry is. Just goes to show how young it is!

Watching our Google Alerts increase for the term Pre-media, we realised that Pre-media had not been defined in the global key community reference website Wikipedia. So using our own definition we have entered a reference for this important industry term and we would be interested to see if anyone has anything to add to our description. Remember that Wikipedia is a site driven entirely by the online community and so you are free to log on to the site and adapt and add to our entry as you see fit.

We kind of feel that we have covered all bases for now. But, since Pre-media is still a relatively young word, maybe there is more to be added (?). Without a doubt the term will need to be adapted and changed as the world of Pre-media flexes and expands to embrace new media output channels. It will certainly be interesting to watch this happen.

So head on over to Wikipedia and see if you have anything to add, edit or reword.

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


5 Responses to “Pre-media Arrives on Wikipedia”

  1. Michael J Says:

    I’m hoping that the def will help Printers get some clarity on their core business. With so much blabla about “market service provider” etc. they have lost focus on the fact that printers print.

    Of course, all the buzz in the last few years has been about “fighting commoditization” without an understanding of the power of producing commodities.
    Coffee and computer chips are a commodities.

    Starbucks has created the values that allow good margins. Intel has the scale and innovations to earn high margins.

  2. pvantees Says:

    There’s even a pre-media conference scheduled in 2010:

  3. Phil Fischer Says:

    Actually the word has been in active use since ’95 and there is not a hyphen in it.

    • srtunicca Says:

      Hi Phil, thanks for your comments.

      As we said in the blog, Wikipedia is open to everyone so feel free to go ahead and edit what you like.

      I think that most of us are aware that RR Donnelleys has used the term for quite some time. So in fact it would be good to hear your thoughts and further input and we kindly invite you to expand on your previous comments.

  4. Michael J Says:


    Thanks for the reality check. A google search found .

    Just goes to show what I’ve always believed, there are no ideas, just different implementations in different eco niches with different technology.

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