Software is Just One of the Pieces of the Jigsaw


TwoPiecesMediumAs a company that markets and sells Pre-media expertise, Tunicca is often asked to assist organisations on technology decisions. There are a myriad of technologies on the market and an array of clever developers constantly striving to provide solutions that automate, improve quality, improve efficiencies and increase the effectiveness of a business. And these developers are of course represented by an assortment of resellers, distributors and integrators which only adds to the number of selections to be made.

It is little wonder that Pre-media organisations are very concerned about making the right choices on the technology to suit their businesses. After all, it is these decisions that can determine the success or failure of a Pre-media business unit because, as we all know, we are operating in an industry that is highly technology driven. So we are tasked by our clients to work out clever, innovative and cost effective methods in which to deploy the multitude of solutions out there – this can even entail raising budgets and assisting them in negotiating with technology vendors.

But what we help with ultimately though is mapping out exactly how a technology can fit into a company’s present structure as well as their plans for the future (futureproof is an oft used term). As I said, there are increasing amounts of clever technical solutions, but critically it is also the personnel and the processes that fit around the technology that are paramount to a successful implementation of such technology. And it is these elements that are the often overlooked pieces of the larger ‘Pre-media jigsaw’.run-flat-tyres-kent

Remember, you can have all the software available on the planet, but unless you know what it can do and how to fit it into your business processes then your company effectively has flat tyres!

Author: Sean Runchman Co-Authored: Gary George

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

One Response to “Software is Just One of the Pieces of the Jigsaw”

  1. Jose Thomas Says:

    We Saturn are expertised in delivering softwares and workflow applications for Publishing, Media and Entertainment (PME) verticals. Good busines know how and understanding about premedia, repro and print services.

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