Shameless Advertising Part II


OK, we have to admit we quite enjoyed the irony of posting the blog ‘Shameless Advertising’ right after a posting complaining about the blatant advertising that UK newspapers expose their users to. Apologies to those of you who look to us for comment, debate and views, but we strongly defend our right to self promotion on this blog 😉 And that leads me swiftly on to ‘Shameless Advertising Part II’ (which at least includes some views and comments on the current economic climate)…

As you can probably tell we have been asked a lot recently for guidance regarding the purchase and implementation of systems and this is all rather pleasing as we see it as a sign that people are finally coming out of their recession-proof bunkers and blinking in the bright sunlight of opportunity and growth. Now I fear that this could be heralding a false dawn and indeed there is still much caution in the World (apart from in certain banking institutions, but don’t start me on that!) as companies are nervous of signs of a recovery tricking them into making a wrong move.

green shootsIn most quarters it is felt that there is still a long way to go to the full recovery that we are all keen to see. However, the optimistic among us are hopeful that the perceived ‘green shoots of recovery’ don’t get struck down by a sharp killer frost this winter as the recession bites back with a vengeance.

However, under the gentle rays of this possible new dawn  it is rather fitting that there should be an exciting new show in London at the beginning of November. MediaPro 09 is all about technological innovation for the world of Pre-media and Tunicca is pretty pleased to be participating with a stand to show our wares. OK, I admit that it is a small stand as we of course have no hardware or software to display.MediaPro Header Nonetheless we will be there and I am proud to say that this is the first trade show that Tunicca will exhibit at and marks somewhat of a milestone for the company. We hope that all of you UK based pre-media people will find time to make your way to historical Old Billingsgate for what promises to be a timely and interesting 2 day show.

3 Responses to “Shameless Advertising Part II”

  1. Michael J Says:

    Neat. And good luck at the show. My sense is that no one looks for “new” when “old” is still working “good enough.” Given the new found terror at the top of the media chains, I be this is going to be a great time to get traction with “new-to-them” but old hat to lots of your readers.

    If you ever run across any premedia or Pre-media people who are focused on improving high school or prison education (States) please point them out to me

    I’m seeing that marketing ’09 is actually the same thing as education 09.

  2. telenow2002 Says:

    Hi Michael, you can rest assured we would direct any companies your way, but I think it would be a rare breed of company to want to improve a system that they are making good money from.

    I believe that educating the educators in improving their processes and delivery to the enduser (the students/teachers) would be where to target, especially as we are seeing more and more brand owners taking control of their pre-media needs.

  3. Michael J Says:

    I agree that any company in the education business will not be able to see why they have to change their business model. I don’t think it’s about “educating”. It’s more about the stresses from the outside.

    The costs of higher ed in the States are as unsustainable as health care. Flat World Knowledge has already entered the field with free textbooks. In the EU Bookbon has done the same but with a different bix model. The State of Florida approved Open Source ed materials for the lower grades.last year.

    Meanwhile every top University in the States most notably Yale, Stanford and the University of California are putting full course lectures at Youtube and itunes

    At the same high school graduate rates in the States are stalled at about 60% depending on the specific location. And the new administration in Washington seems pretty serious about forcing changes, even when their supporters are directly involved.

    And Jeff Welch announced that he is investing in some kind of on line education business and the venture capital activity in the space grows every day.

    So, I think the era of “educating” the “educators” will soon go the same way as “educating brand managers.” They keep doing what has always worked in the past. When it breaks, they get hysterical and grab on to the magic bullet.

    Hysterical buyers are always the low hanging fruit.

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