Dynamically published – who’s brave enough to break the mould


So these are troubled times, but there are lots of opportunities for renewing the strategic direction and innovating your businesses. Many of you have scanned the market for ways to dynamically produce your work and offer more services to your clients. The technology is available to you that would revolutionize the way you service your clients and the speed in which you are able to turn pre-media output channels around. Yet is there anyone who is prepared to break the mould and step outside the comfort zone of desktop applications or template based webpage workflows?

Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Quark & Avairy are moving their applications on-line, workflow management interfaces are being delivered via the browsers and pre-media output channels are expanding – yet which pre-media companies are utilizing the available technologies to change their business models?

Technology is nice, but new business models change the world. Michael Josefowicz

When we look at the different market verticals, are we able to innovate each of them by exploring how they approach different problems?

Strategy, innovation and planning crosswordCompanies like Marklogic are stepping in and providing innovative solutions to the publishing arena and revitalising the way content is handled and delivered. Markzware have developed ways to extract content from our working document to enable us to index and search, then ultimately re-use the content. Moonpig has shown how manufacturing processes allow for single personalized content to be produced efficiently.

But why is it the new entrepreneurs that are providing us new ways of production and not the companies we employ to provide us services. How many pre-media companies can boast they have “Similar Image” search capabilities in their portals the digital asset managers they provide for their clients? You can rest assured that the clients will start asking for it now Google offers it to them for free.

Brands such as Danone are cashing in on the ability to aggregate users freedom of expression by allowing them to upload their own images to be printed on Danette pots in a bid to capture the consumers loyalty. What are you doing to capture your customers’ loyalty?

Pre-media is evolving, technology is evolving, people’s needs and requirements are evolving, but are you bold enough, insightful enough and innovative enough to evolve your business model to survive?

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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