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Many moons ago I wrote a little paper (that no-one saw) about how a centralised website with full API connectivity could be created to manage a virtual pool of freelance workers. Needless to say several years on now I can’t locate the document at all.

So in line with all my other ideas I’ve shared with you all on here I’m going to tell you a little bit about my idea.

We’ve all seen the countless number of job sites, recruitment agencies and networks for individuals seeking some sort of employment, right? These very impersonal sites and agents take your CV and add you into the pile of the thousands of other CV’s they have – they don’t match your skills to new positions, they don’t evaluate you, they really don’t help you unless you chase them, unless you are on their backs pushing them to match you. Strange really as most of them get some sort of commission if they have recommended you, normally a percentage of your salary, so you would think they would do more to connect and promote you, find out your inner most secrets in order to get the best job match possible. OK the reality is that there’s thousands of us looking for jobs, new jobs, new careers etc. so it probably is near impossible to have one-on-ones.

But what if you created a network and service that allows two-way interaction between the clients and the workers, a way for the clients to access the staff on their skills, personality, professionalism, cost, speed etc?

Well there are sites that already offer this type of service for just about everything from technical drawing to accounting. But when it comes to premedia; well yes there are people on these services that provide this and their clients are able to provide ratings, but they are not specifically targeted at our industry.

A lot of companies have integrated their enterprise resource management into their job management in order to track statistics for their clients billing purposes, but they haven’t got any way of managing any work they outsource to individuals or other companies. What they are using is primitive compared to what is possible today with web applications.

So imagine being able to register your company as a provider of business into the freelance world. Imagine having a service that you could integrate into your own systems and have instant access to a virtual pool of talent that is rated and where you have visibility of their earnings, their skill-sets and their availability…. Imagine that the service integrates a sophisticated file transfer mechanism that is fully audit-able and integratable.

The system could incorporate the latest in asset tracking technology to protect corporate materials, the freelancers could bid, secure or become one with their clients whilst remaining completely anonymous at the same time!

The key to all work, regardless of whether it is outsourced, insourced or staffed, is the ability for the briefing process to be interpreted correctly by the reader – imagine if the system forced a preflight checklist for the brief as a form of measurement that is automatically recorded against the record of the transaction along with a complete dispute process.

Considering that the system would have a completely open API, additional services could be provide such as soft proofing where the clients comments are visible as part of a new brief, needless to say that briefs would always be version controlled.

I have so many ideas around how the system should look & feel since today’s web technology and desktop client technology provides us with an unlimted amount of possibilities to make the user experience seamless.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you think the idea is worth pursuing or if you have spare chunk of cash laying around threatening to burn a hole in the carpet!

Author: Gary George

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


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