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Real World DeltaE

July 28, 2009

You don’t have to spend that long in playing with colour management before the word deltaE comes up, it is after all a very complex subject with words that you will have never even heard of cropping up in paragraph after paragraph of text you read on the subject. But ever wondered what those deltaE numbers really mean?

Well quite simply put it is a single number that represents the ‘distance’ between two colours. Simple right? Well no not really since it doesn’t really help you visualise what that will mean to your job, on top of that deltaE comes in a number of flavours….. go figure! Each one has its own way of calculating that difference.

So let’s take a quick peek at what this colour difference will actually mean in the real world. I must stress this is only a simulation based on dE76 and was created some time back when I needed to simulate this subject to someone…. I’m sure one of you complete diehard colour experts out there will correct me if this is to far wrong…..


A Nice Colour Project to Close the Week

June 27, 2009

OK Gary I give in – so here you go; at last I am pleased and honoured to add to the Tunicca Blog. Now, this is my first time – yes I am a virgin blogger – so please be gentle with me! My first challenge of course is to select a subject to write about and to try to construct a nice little blog that informs and has as few spelling mostakes as possible (darn, that’s a bad start).

So, just a little bit about my day yesterday. I visited a rather large Pre-media organisation in London to start the first day of a large colour quality program for them. First of all; North to South London on a warm sunny day – well I have to say that I’ve had more comfortable long haul, economy class flights to Sydney! But I will save my rant about London’s sweaty train and underground system for another time.

Regarding the project initiation; a most enjoyable experience as we began the construction of a framework of a system to audit, monitor and ultimately improve the level of colour quality being supplied by this particular organisation’s numerous and diverse print suppliers. This is all based around our good friend ISO 12647-2 and the idea is to use this standard as a benchmark and tool to aid the printers in ensuring an ongoing improvement of colour reproduction.

But four colour process work is just the start, as we will also aim to help them produce guidelines for the reproduction of brand colours for the numerous blue chip customers that utilise the expertise of this fine company.

That’s all I can tell you I’m afraid ladies and gentlemen as discretion is my middle name. Just good to be involved in a project that will reach out to many printers and make such a massive difference for our customer and their customers. Just a shame that the day was tainted by the sweaty, overcrowded, multi legged, protracted and inevitably late train journey!

Anyway, how was that for a first blog? I rather enjoyed that – more to follow.

Author: Sean Runchman