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Adobe Story – Drawing the Pre-media supply chain closer

July 16, 2009

Well we talk a lot about the actual production of artwork when we discuss pre-media, but really it all starts way up front when the first bit of text hits a pad, email, Word document or any real form of written communication. This material (or really content since it is information about something) is the start of information about the final product that could be used through the various stages of the development, it certainly plays a part in the pre-media supply chain. This comes from the ability to access information that is relevant, accurate and up-to-date through means of a collaboration platform or through automated tasks…. Yes even the automation of information plays a part here; just imagine generating a product, the communication of that product, it’s functions, colour, weight, packaging material etc etc all need to be placed in some sort of relevance, much like a website keyword density check performs on your website to ensure that it tells the world what you want it to, well imagine that with all the correspondence, documentation, project plans, project briefs, the list of where this information comes from could be endless. But imagine a tag cloud of all that information!

But, lets take a look at a specific usecase where Adobe is planning a new collaboration platform for creating, editing, and optimizing scripts for films, broadcast, and rich media called Adobe Story.

Where does it tie in…. well nowhere at the moment, but look at the potential for the pre-media supply chain, suddenly this collaboration platform gives access to the film script, edits, omissions, side notes, foot notes, scene descriptions, again the wealth of information in the script could be endless, now add a little of that magic automation into the mix and the extraction of approved content to be used elsewhere becomes all powerful; sites like IMDB could be providing more information to the content consumers way ahead of time, or say the pre-media companies, building the marketing campaigns, they could have access to the approved studio released information without needing to speak to any studio rep. This would reduce the time required to get the information to market – so to speak.

Or maybe another example, how about movie quotes, I remember my days of building VHS & DVD artwork and having to manually type in the quote, then we got to copy and paste it from an email, but imagine it just being connected directly to the collaboration platform for the studio exec’s to select or approve when they like.

Ok Adobe isn’t planning any of this, and it’s just my own creative little mind working overtime on how this technology could link into the world of pre-media, maybe it is the sleep depravation of my newborn making me have crazy day dreams, but I would like to think that someone out there will be creative enough to include this into their future business model to ensure the supply chain can benefit from the richness it will bring, after all, why climb out of one silo only to be in another!

Lets hope that someone can think outside the box and connect the dots with what is on offer here.

So here’s some official jargon from Adobe on what it will be,  but you can check out the full information at the Adobe Labs site.

Adobe Story

What is Adobe announcing in regards to Adobe Story?

  • Adobe Story is a versatile online and offline application for creating, editing, and optimizing scripts for films, broadcast, and rich media.
  • Adobe Story enables you to turn scripts into rich data for a variety of purposes, including enhanced workflow across Adobe Production Premium.
  • A public beta version is expected to be available on Adobe Labs in late-2009

How does Story tie into the plan to playback workflow?

  • Adobe Story will be part of the video workflow, tying into the pre-production phases of the process. It will be integrated with other Adobe products, streamlining the flow within the Adobe product family.

Author: Gary George

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