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Growing trend towards Indesign – Can Quark win them back….

July 20, 2009

It’s 1996, the previous 7 years of my career have seen an industrial revolution in the pre-press or repro world that I was working in, I’d gone from an old Scitex Imager One that I performed my traineeship on to the high end world of Contex Graphic Systems that were sold through a division Xyvision, Mac’s and PC’s were, well slow and before then didn’t really have the stability that was required for consistent and efficient production. Our imagery composition was done with Alias Eclipse far more powerful than the Photoshop at the time, even with Photoshop available for the Silicon Graphics Irix OS, Alias Eclipse was just awesome in its speed and the tools it offered.

prepress_history_quark33But we’re not here to talk about that, 1996…. what happened then to make this such a pinnacle year in the article, well 1996 was the year that Quark release version 3.3 of their desktop publishing software, previous versions were so unstable that using it was like visiting the dentist for a tooth extraction. But this year also marked some serious other changes that would alter the course of history, in 1996 Steve Jobs made the purchase of NEXT and Apple had started working on what would 2 years latter be the first IMac.

The creative design studio’s around the globe were beginning to realise the cost of production had started to plummet as they were able to purchase desktop Mac’s or PC’s and bolt them into their networks & fileservers. Unfortunately still plagued with the stability problems of OS9 on the Mac, and the grinding of Windows Quark fought on to become the powerhorse of page layout. A few years earlier Adobe had purchased PageMaker from Aldus to have its own page layout application in the market, unfortunately it was no challenge to the feature rich QuarkXpress which gained almost 90% of the market share during the 90’s.