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Dalim Software announces Dialogue ES, the softproofing and approval server based on the new ‘ES’ architecture

August 3, 2009

So those of you that have managed to get to a integrator event during the summer or to the Dalim User events you will be fully aware of what this is all about, but for those who didn’t get to an event, Dalim releasing the new ES architecture to provide a future development platform for their product range. Dialogue is the first application to take advantage of this new powerful platform that can also incorporate the Adobe PDF Print Engine for consistant results of transparencies, trapping and seperations.

For the pre-media world this represents the next evolution in an open working platform arena that can be integrated into your workflows and portals to provide client & brand owners a colour consistent soft proofing environment without the need for client installations.

Dalim ES

Kehl, Germany – Dalim Software, a global leader in the design and development of innovative and automated professional production workflow software for premedia, print, packaging and publishing, announces that DiALOGUE ES is the first application to utilise its new “ES” architecture.

First seen earlier this year at Dalim Software’s EuroDUO 2009 user conference, followed by a three-month private beta programme, DiALOGUE ES is the first application to be based on the new “ES” architecture, developed using XML, JDF and AJAX technologies and accessible using a standard web browser.

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Are you able to adopt new technology in your supply chain?

July 28, 2009


Diversity was once what brand owners required to stay afresh with new and inspiring campaigns, product designs, marketing efforts, but there is now a growing trend to reduce the number of suppliers that the brand owner uses in order to reduce the amount of effort required to manage them. Some pre-media companies have offered the brand owners the ability to manage their suppliers through their supplied portal at a management fee guaranteeing them at least some of the action, where as others have put up and shut up about being pushed to the side line because they didn’t cut the mustard, or they didn’t pay for the round of golf!

But today we see the suppliers (the pre-media companies) to the brand owners are facing a number of battles fuelled by disruptive technologies and spurred on by the technology providors. These battles can be labelled under one single term… PROGRESSION. Silly really that progression would become as much an enabler and a disabler. Lets take a look at what has been going on…..