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Adobe Flex 4 – Goes to Public Beta

June 2, 2009

As the power of our DAM and client portals come of age and update their presentation interfaces to the newest technologies, Adobe release a new version of their open source web application framework. Many Flex and Flash developers were waiting for this news for a year.

Even though it is only a public beta, will the developers of pre-media applications make a start at being early adopters or play caution to the wind and wait like so many people do and see what others have done before them….

Lets think back to when Adobe Air was first released, instantly I could see applications being presented to the desktop users to interact with their DAM, MIS, ERP, CRM and workflows, yet we waited for a long time before any pre-media software companies adopted it, notably and doing such a great job of it was a Dutch software company ( with their ElvisReady DAM solution ( even Ebay managed to get an application to market before any pre-media companies did so.

I can understand that any new release of software or technology can be met with sceptisism and I am sure the same happened with the Silverlight runtime, but when two of the most powerful software companies on the planet create a new mainstream technology, they will push the runtimes however they can. With Adobe Air I argued that it would be come a standard install with any Adobe application from Acrobat Reader to Flash Player, with Silverlight it would be a seemless plugin to the browsers, sure enough my predictions were not far off correct.

Understandably being an early technology adapter can be risky business as you do not have the benefit of the community to help with your coding issues, but you don’t produce engaging web applications using cutting edge technology by playing it safe, nor do you get noticed for taking advantage of the new programming tools that allow for users to save time and frustration…. New Ebay vs old Ebay…. which do you prefer?

With internet access and speed growing at an enormous rate, is it any wonder that our users or clients are internet application savvy, most spend a large amount of time in social media websites that have adopted new was of engaging their users, when they turn back to their work applications and they are static pages are you losing their attention by constant page refreshes and loading?

I’d love for more developers or maybe development departments send or assign time to R&D of new technology to ensure their companies can stay ahead of the curve.

Author: Gary George