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ADAM 3d movie

July 3, 2009

So last week I wrote of how ADAM had included 3d rendering into their product, now they have released a short video demonstration to show the power of what is on offer.

I for one had my jaw on the floor when watching Dirk Noppe’s presentation so I hope these capabilities have the same effect on you.

Remember the Advantages of the 3d engine are these:

  • Server-side rendering
  • No special requirements for the client hardware, even smart phones can display the most complex 3D file
  • Server can be configured up to the needs: multiple CPU’s/GPU’s, loads of RAM
  • No waiting to download hundreds of MB’s
  • No waiting for the client to render the file
  • 3D-files are mostly very bulky files: up to gigabytes in size
  • To view these files, every polygon needs to be rendered
  • Simple 3D files contain thousands of polygons, complex files contain hundreds of millions of polygons
  • If rendering on client, whole file needs to be on the client, and the client needs a rendering software
  • Client computers need to be very powerful to cope with this (CPU/GPU)
  • In order to define the right file, it needs to be viewed from different angles and zoom factors
  • Users have to download huge files only to see that it was the wrong one!
  • And remember the interfaces are fully customizable!

    Still watch the video and see for yourself the power that it has to offer then contact ADAM for a full demonstration.

    Author: Gary George

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    Illustrator Ahoy!

    June 26, 2009

    Today I’m going to briefly speak about 2 little applications out there for you Illustrator users. I’m sure these have been blogged, reviewed and discussed over and over again as it’s pretty rare to see applications that help us, the average user, in working with these Illustrator files and their associated links.


    So lets first look at Sneakpeekpro, an OSX finder extension that allows you to use the QuickLook feature built into the finder to optain a little more information and a preview of the Illustrator, Indesign, EPS and Freehand file formats, a pretty useful tool for see what fonts or linked images the file uses. But in a large production environment the volume licensing better be good because at $19.95 a license it would soon add up!


    Art Files

    So the second one and a lok more useful if you ask me, especially if you don’t have Markzware FlightCheck Professional and you use a lot of Illustrator files, is this little beauty Art Files. Simple and easy to use, it’s a way of collecting all of the associated files in your Illustrator files and package them up, this includes fonts – screen & printer! So really the collect for output the Illustrator should have always had.

    What’s pretty neat though is the ability to drop multiple files on on the application recognise duplicates, not tested myself, but I hope it’s just not based on names as we could be in real trouble with the state of some of our production volumes!

    At $49.95 it’s a hefty price to pay, but the savings in a busy Illustrator studio would well justify the cost.


    Let me at them

    You can get these and a few other really useful tools at

    Be sure to check out the multi-buys for the savings!

    Author: Gary George

    Are IT departments fulfilling the needs of the modern pre-media production departments?

    June 11, 2009

    We all feel frustrated at times when our IT guys appear to be belligerent about what we are going to get, or when we will get it; do they not realise that the center of the universe is in your production department!

    Well this is our thinking at the time when the reasons given by the IT guys don’t appear to match the over all business need, infact a lot of the time we relabel them as the business prevention department. But is the problem actually deeper than we think, we’re given excuses like ‘it wasn’t budgeted for’ or ‘bandwidth is expensive thats why I have limited the department’ and the one I love most is this one ‘ we have a group deal with (someone) can’t you have your equipment from them’ is this all a lack of understanding what the IT needs are in a pre-media production department?

    When we look at the split of IT professionals and the pre-media world we see a definate split in the knowledge requirements and how conventional IT thinking can sometimes hinder the progression of new technology (software & hardware) in order to win new business.

    Just how do we then get IT to understand pre-media production!

    I have a couple of simple questions that I would like feedback on:

    When a new IT person (at any level, even director) is bought into a pre-media organization, should they first spend a week in the operations and infrastructure departments to understand the daily usage of the equipment, software, network & web?

    Should all IT people attend the same events that us pre-media folk do so they get a feel of how the technology fits into the business?

    Should IT professionals be more open to others opinions?

    Do the business objectives cascade through to IT in the same way as other departments? Or are they only bought in after the horse has bolted…..

    Author: Gary George