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Timeline Update

June 28, 2009

With the extremely great help of Jack Powers and his list of key dates/technologies, I’ve made a start on the timeline.

Naturally this is going to take sometime to get together and will be a work in progress for a long time unless anyone has some spare time to lend to me…. but anyway please take a read of my initial blog and take a look at the little work I have done to date (well an hour on a Sunday morning before we start doing anything else.

Print, Pre-press & Pre-media Timeline

Original call to action blog

Come on don’t be shy, send me some dates you want included….. maybe the date your software company lunched it product and updates, or when your print company opened or maybe even the day some companies merged, what about when the first company outsourced to overseas….. well whatever it is, if it has some sort of relevance to the world of print, pre-press and pre-media then send me the details and I’ll get them included.

Author: Gary George

Call to Action – Timeline Information Required

June 26, 2009

Hi all, I’m about to start a small side project of gathering timeline information together for the print, pre-press and pre-media world, this I am hoping will include ANY information that relates to our industry, whether that is the day a company started or closed down, to a software application appearing and the version releases after that.

When presses where launched and when technologies broke….. it can be anything!

I’d like it in a digestible format with the key information:

  • Subject
  • Date
  • Catagory (your choice but I will group them)
  • Any significant people who where involved
  • Any other information, links, or stories

It can also be where other disruptive technology affected our industry (lets say emmm email for instance)

Contact me by leaving comments (you can disguise yourself if you like as Joe Bloggs or Randy Mandy if you would rather not let me know who you are) or you can contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

I hope to allow all the information to be used under the Creative Commons License so you will all be free to use what I do as long as it is not for commercial gain and you give Tunicca credit for collating it.

Once I am up and running I may even be able to let people add their own stuff directly in….. Naturually the first entry will be my birth since it was a significate day in the history of pre-media 😀 only kidding 😉

Your help will be greatly appreciated and I am sure I could buy a beer if we were every in the same bar together 😆

Author: Gary George